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Tourists will have a day off in Moshi or Arusha, That is the day tourist arrives at Kilimanjaro International Airport and are picked up and then transferred to the hotel where they will rest and relax or explore Moshi or Arusha town and the surrounding areas. This offers the tourist an experience of Tanzanian wonderful cultural adventures, beautiful landscapes, and African wildlife across a wide variety of terrain. The Cycling will combine wildlife reserves in west Kilimanjaro, making it a more exciting and unforgettable experience in Tanzania.

Note that; This best of Tanzania cycling adventure package need tourist to have some cycling experience because is a bit challenging, This package will have an estimated total distance around Mount Kilimanjaro be 371 km, the Cycling will take us through forest, semi-desert to desert area, flat pedalling, uphill and downhills pedalling.

Highlights through this cycling tourists will have the chance for the following tour activities, Cultural activities village to village particularly Marangu village, visit lake challa, Rongai forest, wildlife animal corrido (border between Amboseli national park and Kilimanjaro National park), West Kilimanjaro wildlife reserve, Massai Boma village, Olipopongi and Tinga Tinga Village, Hotsprin/Chemka, Sanya Villages, Machame villages, Kibosho Villages, and Moshi town that will be the end of our tour package. Do not forget tourists can shorten this the way they want as long as they are fit enough to do it. Let us help you to plan a unique cycling schedule in Tanzania East Africa the way you may need.


Road Surface; Tarmac and Rough road;
Accommodation; Marangu hotel/campsite or another similar quality hotel,
Distance; 50 kilometers
Breakfast, lunch, and Dinner are included
You will be starting your first day of cycling from Moshi town to Marangu villages uphill and downhill on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The first half of the ride will be easy with a tarmac road, followed by a second half which is several steep ascents and descents to the Marangu villages.

You will cycle through the banana plantations and coffee as cash crops for Chagga people on the road before we get to the Marangu hotel campsite Depending on the time we will visit some waterfalls at Marangu villages and the Chagga cultural site and a coffee tour here a local Chagga guide will give you a brief history of the area, the people, their traditions, and customs this will be done soon after a lunch break, thereafter the day will be done after arriving at Marangu hotel campsite relax and waiting for a new day.


Road Surface; Tarmac and Rough road;
Accommodation; Lake Challa campsite
Distance; 32 kilometers
Breakfast, lunch, and Dinner are included
Today will be a short ride with very little challenge as you ride up and down from Marangu village in the foothills of Kilimanjaro down to Lake Challa. As you cycle through Marangu village you will keep passing over banana and coffee plantations.

Before getting directly to Lake Challa we will put on the discussion to visit Marangu gate if your fit enough to get there and back on the way to Lake Challa called, it's a crater lake lying right on the border between Kenya and Tanzania. Lake Chala gets entirely water from underground springs from Mt Kilimanjaro, it's surrounded by diverse plants and wildlife.
The camp where you will be spending the night is situated on the edge of this caldera lake, against a dramatic volcanic backdrop providing the super place for camping in this area


Road Surface; Tarmac and Rough road;
Accommodation; Snowcap cottages Campsite
Distance; 65 kilometers
Breakfast, lunch, and Dinner are included
Today you will be riding towards the east-north side of Mt. Kilimanjaro to Rongai village near the Kenyan border. Rongai village is where the Rongai route to Mount Kilimanjaro gets started. Your ride today is also challenging with real climbing and thereafter will be more uphill and downhill till we get to the campsite, on the way also you will enjoy much local selling and buying mostly bananas and many seasonal fruits and also we will be capable to stop some of the points to hear their culture and tradition history and the way they living before modernization and after modernization with views of the west Kilimanjaro plains behind.

Cycling will be through several small towns as you head uphill on the foothills of the mountain towards the Rongai forest. We will end at the Snowcap Mountain Cottages campsite. If no clouds cover the mountain you can enjoy amazing views of Kilimanjaro’s two peaks which are Kibo and Mawenzi, Kibo peak is the king of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mawenzi is the queen of Mount Kilimanjaro.


Road Surface; Tarmac and Rough road;
Accommodation; Simba Farm Campsite
Distance; 67 kilometers
Breakfast, lunch, and Dinner are included
Today's ride starts from Rongai Villages at Snowcap Cottage campsite, this will keep moving near the border of Amboseli National Park which is a Kenyan national park bordered by Kilimanjaro National that serves as an important migratory route for wildlife including the African elephants. We will keep moving to the area that is inhabited primarily by the Maasai people. You’re cycling tour today will end at Simba Farm which is situated on top of the west Kilimanjaro plains.


Road Surface; Tarmac and Rough road;
Accommodation; Olipopongi maasai village Campsite
Distance; 69 kilometers
Breakfast, lunch, and Dinner are included
Today’s ride will take us from the western side of the mountain to the southern side of Mt. Kilimanjaro. We will also be passing through the enduimet wildlife management area which is one of Tanzania’s best-kept secrets. Enduimet borders Amboseli National Park and serves as an important migratory route for wildlife including elephants, giraffes, and caped buffalo.

This area is inhabited primarily by the Maasai people but there are large populations of other tribes such as the Chagga, Meru, and Pare people. Today’s ride will end up at the Maasai village known as Olpopongi and overnight in their campsite where we will enjoy the wildlife viewing and the Maasai culture and traditions then relax for the new day.


Road Surface; Tarmac and Rough road;
Accommodation; Snow view mountain lodge
Distance; 67 kilometers
Breakfast, lunch, and Dinner are included
Today’s ride will take us from the western side of the mountain to the southern side of Mt. Kilimanjaro, The good day has come yet, Your ride today will be easy and finally take you through coffee and banana plantations as you cycle through more fertile areas downward to southern Kilimanjaro from the more arid open plains and acacia woodlands, which support a remarkable variety of wildlife and spectacular views of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Moshi is home to the Chagga people west Kilimanjaro plains are home to the nomadic Maasai people who co-exist with the surrounding wildlife and it is why this area is known as the Maasai Lands. Worry out today we will keep riding down to the Kikuletwa hot spring known as Chemka means to boil, it will be possible for swimming, please carry your swimming gear if you will like to swim thereafter we will be back to Boma Ng`ombe overnight at the Snow view mountain lodge .


Road Surface; Tarmac and Rough road;
Accommodation; Keys hotel or another hotel with the same quality
Distance; 32 kilometers
Breakfast and lunch are included

The great day has also yet arrived today is easy and hero feelings looking forward to a great hot shower and drinking for celebrations that will pop into your mind from time to time, as you are ending up your last day of cycling you will pass many difference villages and plantations on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro mainly will be banana as food crops and coffee plantations as cash crops Chagga tribe has many villages with their language they differ in some point but they all have same traditions and the mode of living

As we pass village to village we will be finding local markets if the day will work out for our time table and also possible to find Chagga local beer known as Mbege, it is a famous beer in this area and all over Tanzania everybody knows what Mbege is, it becomes famous because of its power in the Chagga believes and tradition, we will have the time to share our experience in the local bar with the Chagga people, finally, our tour will ending up at keys hotel or another hotel with the same quality and then the game will be done.


Entry fee.
All other government fees.
Professional, experienced, mountain Bike guides, and Cooker salaries.
Transport to and from the destination.
Please call us for a special Meal.
supportive car or cars.
The Mountain Bike.
Airport pickup on arrival and return on departure.
waterproof, four-season mountain sleeping tents (on twin sharing basis) or lodge fee.
Sleeping Mattress.
All three meals are fresh, healthy, nutritious food.
Purified or Boiled drinking water.
Mess tents with table and outdoor chairs.


International flights.
Tanzania Visa.
Tips for your guide and driver. Afritreks recommendation is $ 20 to your guide divided per person per day.
Personal Expenses
Meals are not listed in the itinerary.
Liquors, beers, and bottled beverages.
Sleeping bag
Hotels and Transfers (available as an optional add-on).
Personal Items .
Any activities not mentioned in the itinerary
Soda and Alcoholic beverages
Any additional accommodation before or after the tour.