Mt.Kilimanjaro 7 days Machame route

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The Machame Route is the second most popular route to summit Mount Kilimanjaro after Lemosho route, the route approaches Mount Kilimanjaro from the south, beginning with a short drive from Moshi to Machame Gate. Machame route heads up Machame hut, shira cave. Then, we make our way north East way to climb high up and over Lava Tower 4600m before dropping into Barranco Valley, one of the prettiest areas on the entire trail. We climb the intimidating Barranco Wall and then circle along the southern circuit to Karanga and high camp Barafu Hut which is base campsite and rest for the summit.

The summit attempt is made from Barafu in the early morning hours, often during the full moon. This is the coldest area right on starting, windiest section of your adventure. But once the sun comes up, so can most of your extra layers. After the summit, the descent follows to Barafu again then Mweka trail to mweka hut, this will be begning the end your trek in Kili, ready for safari or other package in next day.


First Day: will be off from the mountain is the time tourists arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport and picked up with our driver then transferred to the hotel where they will have rest and relax or explore Moshi town and the surrounding areas.


Starting elevation 900m Moshi Town.
Ending elevation 1800m Machame Gate.
Altitude gain 900m.
Driving distance 35 km.
Driving hours 45min to 1 Hour.
In the morning after breakfast, we will departure Moshi and drive to the Kilimanjaro National Park Lemosho gate, as we arrive at Machame Gate we will make the registration for our Kilimanjaro trekking.

Here it will take a little bit of time before the team of Guides, Chefs, and Porters, start trekking, because they have to sort out each and everything to be used on the mountain all days seven days, except the meals because we will have more fresh food from the town after three days on the mountain. It will be also a good time to have your lunch out there before starting our trekking, it can take an average maximum time is 1 hour to 2 hours before carrying on.


Starting elevation 1800m Machame Gate
Ending elevation 3000m Machame Hut
Altitude gain today 1200m
Trekking distance 13kms
Walking hours 5-6 hours
Overnight hut Machame hut
Elevation Zone Rainforest/MontaneForest.

once the team and registration are ready for the hiking, we will start our trekking crossing over the thick rainforest, looking for towering Eucalyptus trees, bird life, Columbus monkeys and the appearance of flowers such as impatiens Kilimanjari and impatiens pseudo viola introduce some bright scenery.

There is a possibility of rain in the forest, which will transform the trail into a muddy and slippery experience so gaiters and trekking poles will help. Shorts and T-shirts should be sufficient, but keep your rain gear and warmer clothing handy.


Starting elevation 3000m to Machame Hut
Ending elevation 3720m to Shira Cave Camp
Altitude gain today to 720m
Trekking distance 7kms
Walking hours 4-5 hours
Overnight hut Shira Caves
Elevation Zone Heather and Moorland

After breakfast the team will leave the rainforest behind from Machame hut and continue through the gentle heather and moorland zone up a steep rocky ridge to the Shira cave where we will be able to see Kilimanjaro’s great western breach and its glaciers, today path is dusty, narrow and steep on the way possibly to find, moorland lobelias, gladiolas flowers, groundsels scenario Kilimanjari and the distinctive dark obsidian rock.

The night at this bare camp will even be colder than the previous night, with temperatures dropping to well below freezing point, try to add some more layers if you're not sure with your sleeping bag before you sleep to be sure that you fall nice asleep.


Starting elevation 3720m Shira Cave Camp
Acclimatization point 4600m Lava Tower Camp
Ending elevation 3920m Baranco Camp
Altitude gain today 980m
Trekking distance 10kms
Walking hours 6-7 hours
Overnight hut Baranco Camp
Elevation Zone Moorland and semi-desert zone

From the Shira cave, the team will continue east up a steep and rocky trail to Lava Tower Camp 4600m today’s trek is longer, and tough for some tourists. The Lava Tower is the big stone left after glaciation to take place many years ago, It is normally around this point, for the first time, some climbers will start to feel symptoms of acute mountain sickness such as breathlessness, irritability, and headaches. But good enough after lunch at Lava Tower, we will descent again by almost 680m to the Barranco campsite, and after reaching the high altitude of 4600m at Lava Tower, the true acclimatization benefit is done

Barranco Campsite is the camp where we will be rewarded with the beautiful landscape that offers great opportunities to take some beautiful photographs, we can say is the most beautiful camp all over Kilimanjaro, is a huge camp because is a junction campsite, about four routes, (Machame route, Lemosho route, Shira route and Umbwe route itself) joining together to the same route to the summit. some will stay at Karanga Hut and the rest will go all the way to Barafu Hut 4600m


Starting elevation 3920m Baranco Camp
Acclimatization point 4280m Top of Barranco Camp
Ending elevation 4010m Karanga Camp
Altitude gain today 270 m
Trekking distance 5 km
Walking hours 4-5 hours
Overnight hut Karanga Camp
Elevation Zone Moorland and Alpine Desert zone

Today our walk is short being only 5km and enjoyable afternoon views, the beginning will encounter the hardest part of this day stage on Barranco wall evolves into a bit of rock climbing, it looks scary but it is easy as you approach it because it offers many zig-zag that makes it easy (also commonly referred to as the ‘Breakfast Wall’ as tourist will be right there after breakfast!)

From the top of the Barranco wall we will be above the clouds, and also rewarded with the best views of the Heim Glaciers Kerstin Glaciers, and beautiful landscape, rest of today’s walk from the top of Barranco wall becomes a bit easier because it evolves many uphill and down hills, Walking along the ridge you can experience the beautiful landscape with its stunning contrasts of desert and vegetation, before finally reaching the Karanga Camp. This is a shorter day meant for acclimatization again, which will increase the chance to conger the highest point


Starting elevation 4010m Karanga Camp
Ending elevation 4600m Barafu Camp
Altitude gain today 590m
Trekking distance 4kms
Walking hours 3-4 hours
Overnight hut Barafu Camp
Elevation Zone alpine-desert zone

Today walking is the shortest being only 4kms, great day very close to the summit. the air becomes dry due to the high altitude and may lead to heavy breathing, stay positive the leader of the team is aware of this so they will slow down the speed just to catch up breathing while going uphill, Barafu camp is located on an exposed ridge which is rough and rocky with the beautiful landscape.

Upon arriving at Barafu camp have lunch and spend the afternoon resting as we prepare for a long night's walking, early dinner will be served to you thereafter we will go to sleep as the attempt for the summit will begin the same night from mid-night to UHURU.


Starting elevation 4600m Barafu Camp
Via Stella elevation 5720m Stella point
Ending elevation 5895m UHURU PEAK
Altitude gain today 1295m
Trekking distance 5-7kms
Walking hours 6-8 hours
Elevation Zone desert zone ice-capped summit

From Barafu hut to Stella Point is the most mentally and physically challenging part of your trek to Mount Kilimanjaro but hopefully with a great sense of achievement to reach a goal and will realize that this is Kilimanjaro time make the most of it. Normally a starting time is midnight as a departure.

We will start our hike with a long and tough climb from Barafu camp 4600m to Stella Point 5720m, making your trek more difficult, after you make it to Stella Point the hardest part will be done. The Stella point is the top of the ridge but it is not the highest point of the mountain, the highest point of the mountain is UHURU PEAK 5895M. (UHURU means FREEDOM).

From Stella's point is easy to reach UHURU PEAK, it will take just a maximum of 45min to 1 hour to accomplish the dream and say wow!!, I made it to Kilimanjaro!, the highest free-standing mountain in the world and the peak of Africa! Well done. It will not be safe to stay at the top (UHURU POINT) for a long time because sometimes acute mountain sickness can attack tourists after they make it to the top recommended time 10min to 15min will be enough to enjoy the views and taking more pictures way back.

From UHURU PEAK we will switch back downhill to Barafu camp on the same way, where it will take a maximum of 2hrs-3hrs hours downhill and we will short break and Barafu Camp before waking up for lunch and start walking down to Mweka Hut.


Starting elevation 4600m Barafu Camp
Ending elevation 3100M Mweka Camp
Altitude Lost today 1500m
Trekking distance 7kms
Walking hours 3-4 hours
Overnight hut Mweka Camp
Elevation Zone moorland and alpine-desert zone

After rest and lunch at the Barafu hut, we continue back downhill to the Mweka Hut. Today’s walk takes us back downhill through the alpine desert, heath, and moorland zones until we again enter the rainforest zone via Millennium Camp (3770m).

The walking is almost 16 hours, less breaks! Exhausting, that started at midnight. But if tourist makes it to the top, they will think it was worth the training they ever made in their lifetime, and shout they will never again some used to say that! “Please to Climb Kilimanjaro Is Not Difficult Train To be scared, It Is All About Your Mindset, If You’re Ready To Climb It Please Stay Positive”


Starting elevation 3100M Mweka Camp
Ending elevation 1820M Mweka Gate
Altitude Lost today 1280m
Trekking distance 8kms
Walking hours 2-3 hours
Overnight hut Moshi Town
Elevation Zone Rain forest zone

The Great day has come yet, seven days without showers, today everyone thinks about the hot showers. the walking will take us again through the lush rainforest, where deference species of Monkey and the endemic Impatiens Kilimanjari flower grow.

On arrival at the gate, tourists will be required to sign-out, for all successful climbers, they will be able to receive the certificate of completion.

Climbers who reached Stella Point (5685m) receive green certificates and Climbers who reached Uhuru Peak (5895m) receive gold certificates. After receiving the certificates, the Driver will take us back to the Hotel in Moshi or Arusha, where it is time for a hot shower and celebration! Departure to the airport or safari tour and other destination.



=> Airport pickup on arrival and return on departure time .
=> Two nights to our selected hotels, meaning full one before climbing and one after climbing.
=> All transfers to the mountain and back to your Moshi town.
=> Professional, experienced, mountain guides, cookers, and porters
=> Guides, Porters, and Cooker salaries are included.
=> waterproof, four-season mountain sleeping tents (on twin sharing basis).
=> Sleeping Mattress.
=> Emergency Oxygen Cylinder (if necessary and Not in Mount Meru).
=> All three meals are fresh, healthy, nutritious food (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).
=> Purified or Boilled drinking water while on the Mountain.
=> Mess tents with tables and outdoor chairs.
=> VAT (18% charged by the Government) and All government fees are included.


=> Tanzania Visa.
=> Hotels and Transfers (available as an optional add-on).
=> Personal trekking equipment such as sleeping bags, hiking boots, clothes, etc (available for rent in here Tanzania too; don't stress if you forget some of the trekking equipment).
=> Tips and gratuities( This is traditionally for all Mt Kilimanjaro climbers after finish their treks Guides, Cookers and Porters will expect this and the end of the trip).
=> Portable flush toilet with the toilet tent as an add-on please note that we will need you to pay an extra 150$ per toilet.
=> Travel insurance.
=> Personal Expenses (e.g. laundry, telephone, beverages, etc.).
=> Meals not listed in the itinerary.
=> Liquors, beers, and bottled beverages.