More About African Treks and Safaris Biking!


African Treks and Cycling Safaris Tour is a locally owned Tanzanian tour company that delivers endless Tanzanian tour packages and is committed to saving the value of our client’s time and money regardless of the budget and experiencing the breathtaking beauty of African tourism. Our various packages and services on this website would meet your budget and desirable adventures.

Mount Kilimanjaro hike, Climbing mount Meru, Tanzanian wildlife safaris tours, our Popular safaris will be to the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Arusha, Mkomazi, Mikumi National Parks. Sigle days and Mult-days cycling tour and travel, cultural and Coffee Tour, Waterfalls and Lakes tour as a day tour trips also Zanzibar beach holiday.

The itineraries framed in this website are just there to give tourists guidelines that may help them to pick the best schedule or to design their schedule due to your holiday and timetable that lead you to the best lifetime and unforgettable experience through our excellent service from African Treks and Wildlife Safaris

African Treks and Cycling Safaris is owned and managed by a local Tanzanian family and we are trying to make our prices more affordable than encouraging you to visit the country. Once you booked and organize your holiday with us that means you will save hundreds of families behind us. You not only just visit the country but also visit to make others' dreams alive.

Climbing Services!

Our most popular climbing mount Kilimanjaro with different routes and number of days, this includes to Machame route, Lemosho route, Romgai route, Umbwe route, Shira route, and Marangu route, also we are highly organizing trips to mount meru for three days and four days

Safaris Services!

Our popular safaris in Tanzania includes northern circuit safaris such as; Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti national park, Lake Manyara, Tarangire, Mkomazi national park, and Arusha national park, Note that you are not limited to our itineraries on our website you are free to change or customize it.

Biking Services!

Cycling and coffee tour in Tanzania, this includes to Kilimanjaro cycle 360 degrees for (7) seven days, Marangu village biking, machame village biking, lake Challa biking, Materuni waterfalls biking, Olipopongi game reserved, biking to Chemka/hotspring, biking in Moshi town and Rau forest, biking maasai boma biking, Kilimanjaro climbing biking and safaris Biking.

Day Trips Services!

Most popular day trips in Tanzania, includes, Kilimanjaro Hiking one day go and return, Chemka/Hotspring, Materuni waterfalls, Marangu waterfalls, Chagga cultural site, lake Challa, villages tour, and other many more, please contact us to design your itineraries as you desired to be. This can be done before climbing or after climbing, please do not miss it.

To Solo Tourist!

We have seen a lot of challenges in climbing Kilimanjaro as a solo tourist over many years sometimes they complain too expensive for organizing as a single tourist; But, as a travel more than one tourist or a community/group, we've always found a way to overcome these challenges, the answer is cost sharing but all in all it will depend on your vocation.