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Mount Meru is located in Tanzania Arusha region, within Arusha national park, this reward the best views of wild animal such as zebras, buffalos, giraffe, elephants and many more as we walk uphill, good enough each group will be accompanied with the army ranger from day one to the end of our trek, as the team, we used to call it the walking safaris.

Mount Meru refer as the best for acclimatization place prior to Mount Kilimanjaro climb, The Mountain is the third highest point in Tanzania 4,568m.

The ascent is quite steep; the route to the summit passes over streams, through parkland, montane forest, a giant heather zone and moorland. The summit is reached by a narrow, barren ridge, which provides stunning views of the Ash Cone lying several thousand feet below in the crater

Fact About Mount Meru And Arusha National Park.

Arusha National Park covers Mount Meru a prominent volcano with an elevation of 4566m, in the Arusha Region of north eastern Tanzania. The park is small but varied with spectacular landscapes, Arusha National Park lies on a 300-kilometre axis of Africa's most famous national parks, running from Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater in the west to Kilimanjaro National Park. The park is just a few kilometres from Arusha, though the main gate is 25 km east of the city. It is also 60 km from Moshi and 35 km from Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA)

Arusha National Park and Mt.Meru has a rich variety of wildlife, despite the small size of the park, common animals include giraffe, Cape buffalo, zebra, warthog, the black-and-white colobus monkey, the blue monkey, flamingo, elephant, bushbuck and many other African animals. Leopard populations are present, but rarely seen. Birdlife in the forest is prolific, with many forest species more easily seen here than elsewhere on the tourist route Narina trogon and bar-tailed trogon are both possible highlights for visiting birders, .

Arusha National Park and Mt.Meru also pioneered the increasingly popular one-day safaris. But big and dangerous game such as elephant and buffalo still roam the park. Even transitory lions have been seen twice in the past decade or more, while secretive leopards are ever-present.At the Momella Gate possibly to find the African pencil cedar (Juniperus procera), To climb mount meru it need four days as the maximum number of days on the mountain and it need three days as the minimum number of days on the mountain. As much as we experienced in climbing mount meru to relax and enjoying climbing mount meru , we recommend four days climb.

Mount Meru is the Tanzania’s second tallest mountain at 4,566m, after mount Kilimanjaro 5895m/(19,341feet), Abundant wildlife sightings on day 1 of the climb, it need just 3 0r 4 days of climb in total, Great acclimatisation climb prior climbing mount Kilimanjaro for your great successful rate on Kilimanjaro, Ascent and descent via the Momela route over same enterace and exit gate do not plan to put mount Meru on your list particularly if you want to have succussful climb on Mount Kilimanjaro.