5 Days MTB Mount Kilimanjaro

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The Package is the Most difficult cycling packages that need tourist to have uphills cycling experience before they decide to book, this offer cyclist to cycle uphill to mount Kilimanjaro up to almost 5000m before start to push up their own bike to the highest point of Africa UHURU PEAK 5895M.

Highlights; The cycle will start at Kilema gate at the elevation of 2000m, up to horombo hut 3720m, the extra day for acclimation from horombo and back to horombo 3720m then from horombo, cycle to Kibo hut 4730m but it will be possible to extend to 5000m before tourist or cyclist decide to push up their own mountain bike.


Starting elevation 2100m Kilema gate
Ending elevation 3720m Horombo Hut
Altitude change 1620m
Trekking distance 19kms
Walking hours 3-6hours
Overnight hut Horombo hut

Early in the morning you will be picked up from the hotel at 8:00am, and drive to Marangu gate, spend some minutes for registrations and get the permit and then drive to Kilema gate 2023m and enter Kilimanjaro National park and start the riding up to Horombo Hut as we departure from Kilema gate soon we will start the rainforest, look for towering Eucalyptus trees, bird life, and Columbus monkeys, at Horombo hut the team will prepare hot drinks such as coffee , tea , and chocolate drinks warm up your body and then you will just hanging out enjoying the best view and relaxing for the dinner.


Starting elevation 3720m Horombo Hut
Ending elevation 4600m Mawenzi Hut
Altitude change 880m
Trekking distance 9kms
Walking hours 6-7hours
Overnight hut Horombo Hut

Soon after breakfast you start a cycling through Alpine desert, some of the areas you will be riding on small stone up to Mawenzi hut and back to Horombo hut. Today riding will be on alpine desert vegetation, cycling distance is 19 kilometers up and down.

At this moment we will be rewarded with the best views of the top only if the clouds are not there. Continue up into open apline where small shrubs are the main vegetation. Where you can enjoy amazing views of kibo and Mawenzi peark.


Starting elevation 3720m Horombo Hut
Ending elevation 4720m Kibo Hut
Altitude change 1000m
Trekking distance 9kms
Walking hours 4-5hours
Overnight hut Kibo Hut

This is wonderful day, long and tough. nearly vegetation less plateau joins the main summit, at this stage is rather steep but we are rewarded with our first sight today of some of the famous ‘cones’ of mount Kilimanjaro both Kibo and Mawenzi.

After the Maua River, we ride towards the barren, dry terrain known as The Saddle and head for the huts, which are at the bottom of the Kibo summit, in preparation for the midnight departure for the summit. Kibo Huts are made of stone and quite basic


Starting elevation 4720m Kibo Hut
Ending elevation 5895M
Altitude change 1175m
Trekking distance 7kms
total time to be used to uhuru peak 7.5hours

From Kibo hut to Gilmans point to Uhuru peak it is not possible to ride our mountain bike insteady we will push them up to Uhuru peak some parts will be fine to ride on the way down, the way up is the most mentally and physically challenging part of your trek to mount Kilimanjaro but hopefully with the great sense of achievement to reach a goal and will realize that this is Kilimanjaro time make the most of it. Normally a starting time is 12.00am midnight as a departure.

We will start our hike with long and tough climb from Kibo hut 4720m to Gilmans point 5651m, making our trek more difficult, after we made to the Gilmans point the hardest part will be done. The Gilmans point is the top of the ridge but it is not the highest point of the mountain, the highest point of the mountain is UHURU PEAK 5895M.(UHURU means FREEDOM) before Uhuru we will pass Stella Point 5720m which is the junction point from Barafu.

From Gilmans point can be easy to reach UHURU PEAK, it will take just maximum of 1 hour to 2 hours to accomplish the dream and say wow!!, I made to Kilimanjaro!, the highest free-standing mountain in the world and the peak of Africa! Well done. It will not be safe to stay at the top (UHURU POINT) for the long time because some time acute mountain sickness can attack tourist after they made to the top recomended time 10min to 15min will be enough to enjoy the views and taking more pictures way back.

From Uhuru peak we will switch back downhill to Kibo hut on the same way, where it will take the maximum of 3hrs-4hrs hours downhill and we will short break and Kibo hut before wake up for the lunch and starting walking down to Horombo Hut.


Starting elevation 4720m Kibo Hut
Ending elevation 3720m Horombo Hut
Altitude change 1000m
Trekking distance 9kms
Walking hours 2-3hours
Overnight hut Horombo Hut

after having nice little rest and breakfast or lunch we will collect and park our stuff and again in the morning cycling back to Horombo Huts. Where we will have dinner and get some well-deserved sleep! Note that : avoid to stay longer at kibo hut after the summit 4720m still high and is possibly allow your body to be attacked by AMS, 1-2 hours will be enough to stay then team will call you to the next shift to horombo hut with more fresh air.


Starting elevation 3720m Horombo Hut
Ending elevation 1820M Kilema Gate
Altitude change 1900m
Trekking distance 19kms
Walking hours 2-3hours
Overnight hut Moshi town

The Great day has come yet, today you will make your final riding downhills to Kilema gate across the alpine and the rainforest to Kilema gate, then transferred to Marangu gate for check out, for all successful climbers, they will be able to receive the certificate of completion from the National park Climbers who reached Gilmans Point (5681m) and Stella Point (5720m) will receive green certificates and Climbers who reached Uhuru Peak (5895m) receive gold certificates. After receiving certificates, we will be ready to go back to the Hotel in Moshi or Arusha, where it is definitely time for hot shower and celebration! Departure to the airport or other tour activities.


Entry fee.
All other gorvernment fees.
Mountain bike Guides and Cooker salaries.
Transport to and from the destinaton.
Please call us for special Meal.
The Mountain Bike.
Airport pickup on arrive and return on departure.
Professional, experienced, mountain guides, cookers and porters
waterproof, four-season mountain sleeping tents (on twin sharing basis) or lodge fee.
Sleeping Mattress.
All three meals fresh, healthy, nutritious food.
Purified or Boilled drinking water.


International flights.
Tanzania Visa.
Tips for your guide and driver. Afritreks recommendation is $ 20 to your guide divided per person per day.
Meals not listed in the itinerary.
Liquors, beers and bottled beverages.
Sleeping bag
Hotels and Transfers (available as an optional add on).
Personal Items (Souvenirs, Travel Insurance, Visa Fees, etc.).
Government imposed increase of Taxes and or Park Fees.