Day Cycling Moshi Town Tour And Rau Forest

Moshi is a municipality and the capital of the Kilimanjaro region in northeastern Tanzania. As of 2017, the municipality has an estimated population of 201,150 and a population density of 3,409 persons per km2, In the last official census of 2012, the municipality had a population of 184,292. The municipality is situated on the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, a dormant volcano that is the highest mountain in Africa..

The municipality covers about 59 square kilometers (23 sq mi) and is the smallest municipality in Tanzania by area, as the capital of the region, it is the center of government activities, trade, finance, and tourism. Moshi is one of the tourism centers in the northern safari circuit of Tanzania. The closest tourism spots include Kilimanjaro National Park, Mkomazi National Park, Lake Jipe, and Lake Chala. Chagga Cultural Site, Mataruni Waterfalls and Coffee Tour, Marangu Waterfalls and Coffee Tours, Lake Nyumba ya Mungu, Njoro Forest, Olipopongi this is the Wilfe and Massai cultural tour to west Kilimanjaro and many others..

Rau Forest is a unique forest located down town south of Moshi town center, just outside Moshi Town to get there tourist can take a day walking, just 3 kilometers from Moshi town center, It can be visited before lunch or after lunch as a half day tour with friends.There are a lot of trees as well as some wildlife, Rau forest is home to the Black & White Colobus Monkey, insects, birds, antelopes, warthogs, dik-dik, etc. Also, more than 15 birds are found in the Rau forest reserve including the African spoonbill, and butterflies species found in Rau forest like the common mother of pearl, gold-handed forester, etc. Bees such as Apis mellifera adansonii, stingless bees (Mellipolina), and Forest Marsh Snake and is one of the few remaining groundwater forests.

It also comes out to a big rice field, where a man-made structure serves as an overlook. There is also a giant ancient tree in the forest which is part of the local lore. it is said that this tree is home to the ancestors and that in the past the colonialists cut it down, but the next day it was miraculously standing again. Our cycling starts from Moshi town to Rau Forest through the different small street in our route, in this area, all the way up Rau Forest, we will be viewing many things on the road especially the way the Tanzania local people living to share some traditional story and share banana beer.

The ride distance is 20km in total everyone can do this tour.later afternoon will have a picnic lunch or hot lunch choince is yours and then cycle back to the hotel or hostel, Please do not forget to buy souvenirs as you ride around the town, this can be your support to them later on we will ride back to your hotel and it will be the end of our cycling tour package. The tourist/cyclist will have to pay $50 price based on 2 person include the following services as it listed on the table below. for any query please call us or send us a message for clarifications from our team. Book This Package Now


Entry fee.
All other gorvernment fees.
Picnic lunch box.
Please call us for special Meal.
purified Drinking water.
Professional mountain bike guide.
MTB Guides and Cooker salaries.
supportive car or cars.
The Mountain Bike.


International flights.
Tanzania Visa.
Pre/post accommodation and airport transfers (booking is available upon request).
Tips for your guide and driver, $ 20 P/Person per day.
Personal Expenses.
Meals not listed in the itinerary.
Liquors, beers and bottled beverages.

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Moshi & Rau Forest Cycling Day Tour 2 Person


Moshi cycling day tour will include both town tour and Rau/njoro forest, which has a lot of trees as well as some wildlife, the package does not needs cycling experience.

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Chemka Hot Spring Cycling Day Tour 2 Person


Chemka is incredible underground springs with the crystal clear water bubbling from underground caves, giving impression that it is boiling, hence the name "CHEMKA".

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West Kilimanjaro Cycling Day Tour 2 Person


This is great cycling adventure with family, No need for tourist to have a cycling experience, will combine cultural and some wildlife adventures near Massai areas.

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Olipopongi Massai Cultural Site Day Tour 2 Person


Olipopongi is a nice and amazing place to visit for all cultural vendors Olipopongi is their best place not only cultural experience but also provides a Wildlife experience.

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Marangu Village Cycling Tour Day Tour 2 Person


Cycling Marangu village day tour will include visiting waterfalls, cultural learn and cultural site and coffe tour, cycling will be through the different villages in our route.

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Marangu Waterfalls Cycling Day Tour 2 Person


This Cycling day tour will include visiting cultural site, cultural learn, ndoro waterfalls and coffe tour, cycling will be through the different villages in our route in this area.

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Materuni waterfalls Cycling Day Tour 2 Person


Materuni Waterfalls is an incredible waterfall located closed to Moshi town, When combined with a coffee tour, it makes for a perfect before or after Kili climb or wildlife safari.

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Cycling To Lake Challa Day Tour 2 Person


Lake Chala is a unique caldera lake, and is thought to be the deepest inland body of water in Africa. This lake is fed by underground springs from Mount Kilimanjaro.

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Cycling Mt.Kilimanjaro Day Tour 2 Person


This will be an unforgettable adventure climb Mt.Kilimanjaro to reach the Shira plateau 3962m while we are riding through Kilimanjaro different zones.

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Kibosho Villages cycling Day Tour 2 Person


Kibosho village is located closed to Moshi town, where is rich with tourism value, the tourism activities here are historical site including visiting chagga tunnel which were used for security purpose visiting waterfalls and chagga tunnel/caves.

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Lake Jipe cycling Day Tour 2 Person


Lake Jipe is a small, shallow lake lying astride the Kenya-Tanzania border, receives its main inflow from Mt Kilimanjaro via Lumi River passing Kenya, its offers an abundance of hippo and crocodile but there is also a herd of zebras.

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Mbokomu Villages cycling Day Tour 2 Person


Mbokomu villages is where Africa’s tallest tree measuring about 81.5M has been discovered, On the way to Mbokomu village we will passing via coffee and banana plantations then interact with Chagga people sharing their traditional story.

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Kibosho-Machame Cycling Day Tour 2 Person


Kibosho and Machame villages are closed related villages both are located closed to Moshi town a day cycling tour will start from Moshi town, Continue to Kwachange point then turn off-road to the big coffee plantations known as chibo estate.

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Lake Nyumba Ya Mungu Cycling Day Tour 2 Person


Nyumba ya Mungu translates to “God’s House.” is an artificial lake/dam, was constructed in the late 1960s and is the largest artificial body of water in the Region, that gather water flowing from the slopes of Mt.Kilimanjaro.

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Kirua-Kilema-Marangu Cycling Day Tour 2 Person


Single Day Cycling Tour Kirua-Kilema-Marangu Villages, these three areas are riched with tourism value and activities that are historical site, waterfalls, chagga tunnel were used for security purpose before coloniast to arrive.