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Zanzibar is a unique, historic and beautiful set of islands located in Indian Ocean, with its fascinating history and incredible nature. Zanzibar is a UNESCO World Heritage site, with plenty of beautiful sites. Zanzibar’s bustling market, wind through Jozani forest to awaken your love for nature, walk through Kizimbani Village for the popular Spice Tour, and have the option to engage in various water sports activities.

Whether it is for a Zanzibar beach holiday, honeymoon tour or some post-Mount Kilimanjaro climb and Tanzaian wildlife safari relaxation or whether you prefer the blissful privacy of a private island or the amenities of a larger hotel; and whatever your preferred activities, there are good options for every traveler.

Fact About Zanzibar Holiday.

Zanzibar has the collections of history and endless tourismm opportunities, Its crystal waters, sandy beaches, amazing wildlife, and diverse culture all make Zanzibar to be very beautiful site for tourism. There are several smaller islands but two are larger one; which are Unguja (well known as Zanzibar) and Pemba Island. Further south is Mafia Island

Zanzibar Is an archipelago with many small islands where people live and others used for tourism. Zanzibar is rich in history and its diverse cultures with intermix of Swahili, Arabs and Indians.
The capital City of Zanzibar is not Stone Town, as some others believe, it’s Zanzibar City. Stone Town is the historic town within Zanzibar City, famed for its labyrinth of narrow streets and spice markets.

Note that; The water temperature is warm, visibility is usually excellent, currents are weak and there’s an abundance of colourful fish, all of which contributes to an ideal location for first time and novice divers. Many of the larger resorts on the North and East coasts have professionally-run dive shops on-site. Qualified divers must produce their certification.