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Olipopongi is a nice place to visit and an amazing place to visit at a cheap cost while you’re in Moshi or Arusha for all cultural vendors Olipopongi is their best place not only cultural experience but also provides a Wildlife experience in the West-Kilimanjaro Maasai land, enjoy the big wildlife such as giraffe, zebra, Elephant, Dik-Dik Eland and many others as much as we got luck day.

Olipopongi is Just 75 km from Moshi and 85 km from Arusha. The main aim is to share the authentic Maasai life culture in a 100% traditionally built village (Boma) with a unique museum, rather than taking tourists to private Maasai-Villages and destroying the Maasai native homes, behaviors, and environment. Our Eco-Tourism Tours do provide the maximum respect to the Maasai tribe and maximum education excitement to our clients.

The Maasai are traditional, semi-nomadic pastoralists in East Africa. In the 1550’sthey moved down along the Nile from Sudan and Egypt and brought with them knowledge on agriculture and cattle breeding. This migrational wave experienced a peak during the 18th century. During these times, the Maasai were feared as “wild barbarians” and their territories were avoided by the Arabs, the mountain people, missionaries, and European commercial travelers if they had to pass a road tax in the form of useful trading goods were paid to the Maasai.

At the end of the 19th century drought, cattle plague epidemics, cholera epidemics, and smallpox epidemics broke out among the Maasai strongly weakening them. During the 60s, when an average of 26 heads of cattle and goats per Maasai were counted, just 5 animals per head are left today. During the visit, you will also learn more about Maasai hunting techniques and natural Maasai medicine. Olipopongi visit does also support local Maasai families with water, food, employment, income, treatments, and education.

Our cycling starts from Moshi to Olipopongi Maasai village through the different villages in our route, through the way to Olipopongi Maasai village, we will be viewing many things on the road especially the way the Chagga people living share some traditional stories.

Their cash crops are mainly coffee and food crops are Bananas and maize as local and traditional food, the most interesting the road is many uphill and downhills, till Sanya \Juu village there also possible to visit local markets and finally to Olipopongi Maasai village to have a further ride, distance is 75 km is challenging. At the traditional site, they will be eager to show you guys their way of living with wild animals with no fear and finally will have a picnic lunch or hot lunch as you choose, Buy souvenirs from them as your support to them.


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